Young Adult Coaching (18-27 years)

Have a balanced life!

Being young means being VIBRANT AND BEING FREE to do what you like. At the same time, being an adult means being responsible, organised and having a balanced life.

Young adults today are under IMMENSE STRESS because of the many challenges they face at their work place, in their personal life and other situations they come across.

In the rat race to succeed while DEALING WITH CHALLENGES they face, many youngsters tend to lose their true selves, their personal values and lead a rather empty, mechanical life, which in time can lead to depression.

Life Coaching, which aims at training individuals to create A BALANCE IN THEIR LIFE, is just what young adults need to find that balance between taking risks, leading a wild life and being responsible, organised and efficient in life.
Let's-Live Coaching offers one to one personal coaching and group coaching programs for young adults who seek to achieve personal and professional success, while coping with challenges, fears, anxieties, stresses and doubts.

Do You Need Life Coaching?

Many young people today have a good job, a good home and satisfactory personal life.

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WRONG. You can have a busy social life, a successful professional life and still be dealing with issues like low self-esteem, conflict within the family, depression, stress and fear of responsibility or commitment that prevents you from achieving more. Let's-Live Young Adult Coaching programs are designed to cater to the self and personality development needs of the young men and women across the world.

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Let's-Live Life Coaching programs for young adults are designed to enhance their personal growth, by self-discovery and by discovering their purpose in life, by eliminating stress, doubt, fear, anxiety and other limiting emotions.

Our Life Coaches will train you to look at your reality, in all aspects and accept it as it is.

At the end of the course, you would have replaced your limiting beliefs about yourself, your life and others with constructive beliefs that give you the needed boost to move ahead in life.