“Youth are a valued possession of the nation. Without them there is no future. Their needs are immense and urgent” - Former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela
Ever wonder how important development is in the early youth stages of our lives as well as our children's? Do you believe that if you only knew what you know now perhaps 10 or 20 years ago that your life would be totally different today? Wouldn't you want that same power of choice in your child's hands, right now? Ever wonder how important development is in the early youth stages of our lives as well as our children's?

What is Scholar and Student Coaching?

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Scholar and Student Coaching is specific methodologies used to assist youth in dealing with all situations that life can throw at them. It is designed to assist in dealing with inner conflict, poor self- image, learning issues, social issues, limiting decisions, addictions and many other challenges that they face on a daily basis.
Student and scholar coaching ultimately create individuals that truly begin to understand who they are, develop a great sense of purpose and identity accelerating learning capacity and understanding, develop rich and powerful social skills, increased self-confidence and awareness for them to create the life that they aspire too.

Career Development Coaching

Professional Career Development
We have specially designed Career Development Coaching to assist students to choose the right study fields.
As well as to assist them with career guidance and career choices, and help them accelerate with advanced learning skills and learning techniques to create and succeed in whatever field they have chosen.

Do you pay attention to the relationships your teenagers have?

We assist scholars and students in dealing with all relationship issues which has also become a major factor in their lives, resulting in some poor decisions being made, some ending tragically at times. We assist in Relationship Coaching for teenagers, putting this into greater perspective for themselves to create more positive choices in their lives.
Personal parent and teenager coaching (Are you ready to bridge the gap?)
Does what your teenager do sometimes catch you off guard, do you find yourself asking who your child really is?

We assist you even further by doing Personal Parent and Teenager Coaching which assists you in dealing with relationship and trust issues, and we help family members and teenagers cope with change.

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We assist students and parents in dealing with divorce and other related issues.
Your relationship growth together is highly important to us as we know that often we were never really taught to be parents, no one ever showed us what the magical formula is (if there is one) to a healthy and sustainable relationship with our children, that will continue to grow and strengthen as your understanding for each other deepens.

Our advanced Life Coaching techniques empower you and your teenager through this process, to achieve the results you want in your lives. Coaching can be done one on one, or Group Coaching for organisations, schools, universities etc. If any of the following characteristics are prevalent then it would be a great idea for your teenager/school to do Student Coaching right now, wouldn't you agree?
A Life Coach can guide students to make the correct career choice.

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Results of Let’s-Live Scholar and Student Coaching

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