Let's-Live - Full Life Coaching Career Path

We at Let's-Live conceive life coaching as being much more than just exuberant lessons on positive thinking and high spirited enthusiasm for our dreams, goals and life in general. Life coaching for us is craftsmanship – the ability to see the uniqueness in each individual, the values that set them apart from others, and making them who they are.

Our life coaching courses are themed around a central principle and value system. We call it perception is projection and we put into implementation this principle by projecting to our clients what is inside us. We believe that life coaching courses should echo the archetype and truth in every individual and have aligned four different courses designed around the same.


2 Days Practical Self-Development Course Life Coaching Course

The Self-Discovery Master 1 - Life Coaching Course is designed to inspire, enrich and help you develop a healthy and strong sense of self-esteem. This course will help you see the truth about yourself and your true identity.

You will be freed from unprocessed negative emotions or any limiting behaviours that are preventing you from living a fulfilled and sustainable life.


3 Days Practical Personal-Development Course Life Coaching Course

The Self Discovery Master 2 – Life Coaching Course is a three-day event. This course is a study of human behaviour science and modification.

When you complete this course, you will feel a zeal for life that you may have never felt before. We have designed this course to help people make new choices and become liberated. /index.php/contact-us/registration-form


9 Days Practical Life Coaching and NLP Training Course

Over the course of 9 days, you'll strengthen your ability to communicate with different people – each with their own personalities and thinking styles - in a compassionate and understanding way.

The course has been divided into 4 modules, each module aimed at

providing you with the indubitable edge that you need to have as a life coach.

As part of this course, we have in store for you the Let's-Live Life Coaching kit, training manuals, open book tests, and 7 completion certificates.


14 Days Practical Master Coaching And NLP Training Course

With this course, you'll be able to imbue individuals, scholars and business professionals with fervent enthusiasm for life.

You will be able to direct their path, to build stronger personal and professional relationships helping them feel more fulfilled from life.

As a life coach, this would mean you will be advancing towards being a more trusted and successful leader in your community.

We'll provide you state of the art training that incorporates the most recent advances of mental sciences so that you gain sound business acuity.

This will also enable you to reach out and help individuals find and follow their purpose in life with a more effective approach.