The overall development of an organisation depends highly on the people it employs. It is not just the capabilities of the employees, but their attitudes and their approach to their WORK that determines the kind of success that a company can enjoy.

Organisations that make Coaching an integral part of the learning and development process enjoy consistent progress in key areas such as recruitment and retention of staff, productivity, internal and external communications and employee attitudes.

Let's-Live Coaching offers Corporate Coaching programs that transform the workplace from one where employees merely act on instructions from seniors, to one where every member of the staff is motivated and committed to working for the development of the organisation as well as their own personal development.


Benefits of Corporate Coaching

The benefits of Corporate Coaching are not limited to an individual alone.

A Corporate Coach Coaches an organisation to improve the employee performance, which in turn enables the organisation to progress smoothly.

Several corporate firms in South Africa have benefited by INVESTING in our programs, which focuses on developing the unique capabilities of each individual employee while focusing on the corporate team and corporate vision, mission, values and strategies.


Benefits for organisations

Our qualified and experienced Corporate Coach Coaches an organisation to bring in that transformation that organisations seek in their employees.

Corporate Coaching is a collaborative effort by the organisation and our Coaches to encourage leadership abilities and commitment in its employees. The idea is to change the attitude of the individuals by changing their thinking and enabling them to identify their personal strengths for achieving more than they can imagine.


Benefits for Individuals

Corporate Coaching OFFERS the person an opportunity to polish his or her abilities to perform more efficiently, by learning to create the perfect WORK - life balance. Individuals will be able to focus on strengthening their core abilities, developing entrepreneurial or managerial skills to achieve their goals and ambitions and at the same time contributing to the development of the origination.



Focus on Corporate Goals

Let's-Live Corporate Coaching Programs are designed to focus on the vision, mission, values and strategies of an organisation. Our aim is to bring out the best in your employees, by creating a sense of leadership and responsibility in each one of them. With responsible leaders who are committed to its progress, your organisation is sure to reach its goals in time.