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[important title=""]If your mission in life is to enable personal and professional empowerment in individuals who seek it, we can help. The purpose of our Life Coaching service is multi-pronged – we re-frame your limiting thoughts and negative attitudes to encourage productive thinking and positive action. We also offer Life Coaching certification that prepares you to deliver specialized training. Unlike psychotherapy or counseling, Life Coaching involves assisting people achieve success or address life challenges through discipline and positive thinking. In simple terms, Life Coaching is the art and science of achieving and living a fulfilled life with positivity and life-affirming values. From a non-professional hobby to a globally recognized skill, Life Coaching poses a number of career opportunities that span across all industries. Any individual or corporation that requires assistance in prioritizing their needs, organizing their thoughts and executing the right action, can benefit from the guidance of a professional Life Coach.[/important][widgetkit id=27]

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[important title=""]We qualify our Life Coaches, not merely hand-out Life Coaching certificates – our strong sense of service does not allow us to mechanize the Life Coaching process, our defined Life Coaching Courses equip you with key skills and give you the confidence to practice the art of Life Coaching in a responsible way. With Life Coaching training, you can help others master these essential strategies to enjoy financial success, self esteem and confidence.[/important]

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[important title=""]At Let's-Live Coaching, you can enjoy a rewarding career as a Life Coach. We offer a 9 Days training course, over this period of intensive training, you will:

  • Gain an insight into the principles of Life Coaching and build a strong foundation to grow from
  • Understand the practical strategies that can be leveraged for positive transformation in you as well as others
  • Receive training tailored to the nature of coaching so you can define your area of specialization and become a master at it

Along with receiving the qualification of a Life Coach, you will also make yourself eligible for more advanced courses that add to your resume and allow you to diversify your interests. Our 14 and 30 day courses awaken your underlying potential and assist you in pursuing a successful Life Coaching business.[/important][widgetkit id=23]

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[important title=""]Let's-Live Coaching offers 4 training modules to help you become globally qualified and recognized to practice Life Coaching. With the training modules offered, you can become an effective Life Coach who deals with phobias, faulty emotional patterns and harmful habits. You can help individuals, organizations, couples and families function smoothly and more productively. You will also become an indispensible support line in helping people overcome their fears and concerns, and motivate them to take positive action. This 9 days course helps you master your mind, body, spirit and accustom yourself to the principles of Life Coaching.

Let's-Live Coaching currently offers Life Coaching training courses and certifications in subjects like neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, microexpression analysis, quantum healing, health, time line healing, neuroscience, personal skills development, motivation psychology, as well as the science of human behavior modification.

Please note that a Life Coaching Certificate from our institute does not guarantee that you will have a lucrative career as a coach from the get go. We are progressive educators, imparting knowledge and insights gleaned from our personal experience in the field of Life Coaching. Staying on the pulse of the latest industry developments and improving our courses to reflect the best of everything Life Coaching has offer, our dedication to empowering you with knowledge and guidance, is firm and continual. We welcome you to get in touch with us or download our information sheet to make a judicious decision.[/important] [widgetkit id=6]

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