Why Self Development in Relationships?
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Why Self Development in Relationships?

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Self-Development is a process that essentially "future-proofs" you. It is a continuous process, which when constantly evaluated and updated, empowers you to meet several personal and professional challenges and helps you achieve your goals. A clear understanding of the process of Self-Development will be helpful in undertaking the journey of continued development and improvement of the self.

To get you started, here are answers to three questions we get asked the most:

Self-Development is a journey you take to improve your self – equip yourself with the skills, talents, knowledge and understanding that keep you updated in today's ever changing world.

It is the single most important process that helps you in all aspects of leading a happy, satisfied life. Self-Development is as useful in increasing productivity at school/college/work as it is in building a social-support system and improving relationships.
The relationship is rather simple – the better you understand yourself, the better will be your relations with others. Self-Development begins with a thorough understanding of your own self and this is where its first correlation with healthy relationships is established.

With improved self-awareness you'll gain a better understanding of your own expectations from a relationship as well as your limits or any deep-rooted insecurities that may have triggered current relationship problems.

It's primary importance in relationships comes from the fact that increased self-awareness results in increased patience. This is why Self-Development features on all of Let's-Live Relationship Coaching programs.
Yes it does! As French philosopher Auguste Comte put it – know the self to improve the self. Self-Development will help you know yourself better and then become a better spouse.

Say you're a couple with some relationship issues. When the both of you invest in Self-Development, you even out the effort one has to put individually and reduce the issues significantly.

Similarly, if you're struggling with relationship troubles with your child, parents, siblings, friends or relatives, investment in Self-Development will help you become a better part of the relationship. Participants will know how to handle tough conversations appropriately.

Often times, that's all you need to get the relationship back on track. When all parties know themselves, their own shortcomings and realize that no one is perfect, they become more forgiving and compassionate.
Your Let's-Live Coaching Life Coach will be your friend, confidant and guide in this journey of Self-Discovery and improvement. He/she will be able to help you find the links between your personal insecurities and unhappiness with the relationship.

Fault-finding, blame-shifting and general scepticism ruin relationships. With the help of your Relationship Coach, you will be able to get the best out of your improved self-awareness.
Self-Development programs will teach you how to ....

1. Be honest with others and your relationship.
2. Be thoughtful, respectful and not hold grudges.
3. Argue in a healthy manner, without assigning blame.
4. Compromise as well as sacrifice and also learn where to draw the line.
5. Understand why others behave in a certain way, accept them for what they are and try not to "fix" them.
6. Value the needs/wants, expectations, interests and suggestions of your significant other.

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With our Relationship Coaching programs, we have been able to save several marriages and restore harmony in several households – something that keeps inspiring us to reach out to as many people as we can and help them. 


Your Let's-Live Coaching Relationship Coach will be a trained professional who understands the importance of being discreet while mending your broken relationships and preparing you to nurture them.


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Worried your relationship is not as good as it used to be? Call us. Discussing relationships with friends is healthy, but only to a certain extent. You do not want to poison them against your significant other, nor do you want to disrespect or hurt your partner by talking about your private problems with someone they do not approve of. Take the help of a professional and discover the several ways personal development can improve relationships and turn your life around. Contact us to book a consultation or know more. We love to talk! And nothing makes us happier than knowing we will be able to help you become happy and satisfied.

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