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Why Hypnosis in Relationships?

F.A.Q – Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Relationships

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Hypnosis is shrouded in mystery and the mere mention of the word conjures up images of crystal balls and clairvoyants.


The long history of shady individuals using the terms hypnosis to fleece individuals has given hypnosis a bad rap.


In reality, hypnosis is highly scientific and can be very useful when an experienced hypnotherapist is the one performing the hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy is very useful when it comes to Personal Development and Self-Development.


And you may be wondering how.


Our hypnotherapy experts at Let's-Live Coaching can answer some of the most common questions about Hypnosis for you.

Can hypnosis help you relax and get rid of stress?

Hypnosis is the name given to the psychological state or the phenomenon of an altered mental state that superficially resembles sleep.


In such an altered mental state, the individual is very suggestible.


A hypnotherapist can access and guide the inner mind or the subconscious of the individual to alter their behaviour and thought processes when they are fully conscious.


Focus and concentration are heightened in this state.


It is quite clear why a Life Coach at Let's-Live Coaching uses hypnotherapy during Personal Development programs.


It helps you relax and get rid of stress while also improving decision making and judgement. 

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Is hypnosis really a science?

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is deeply entrenched in the world of science and has been used successfully for years in the treatment of a variety of psychological and physical ailments.


Hypnotherapy has been used to treat addictions, anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias and skin disorders. Scientists like Dr Milton Erickson, James Braid and Émile Coué have spent their lives researching on this topic and creating effective therapeutic uses of hypnotherapy.



Can hypnosis help to get rid of unwanted negative emotions and let go of unresolved issues of the past?

There are a lot of psychological disorders that stem from past events of a person's childhood.


Most of the time we don't even remember such events, but they affect us profoundly and can cause us to have negative feelings and thought patterns.


With the help of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you can not only unlock these childhood events and unresolved issues, but can also address them with the help of an expert hypnotherapist.


This in turn will help you get rid of negative thought patterns and emotions. 


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Hypnosis is the process of achieving a relaxed mental state to be able to access the subconscious and is considered to be highly effective as well as completely safe.


Even self-hypnosis is considered extremely safe as no individual can be hypnotized against his/her will. 





Hypnotherapy helps relax the mind and allows therapists to manipulate your inner mind and subconscious.


Through hypnotherapy you can change your thought processes and response patterns, remove negativity and psychological barriers and unlock and develop your skills and talents.


Anyone – from children to the elderly - can benefit from hypnotherapy.


Our Life Coaching experts at Let's-Live Coaching use it best to encourage Personal Development to help people improve their personal relationships and professional lives.


It can help ease depression, PTSD, anxiety and even physical pain, so you can imagine the wonders it works for those with negative emotions affecting their relationships. 


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Why hypnosis session to improve your relationship and can it help you become a better spouse?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help cure many chronic psychological and physical disorders.


Unlike other forms of medication, hypnotherapy is completely safe with no side effects.


It is highly effective in altering behaviour and thought patterns when administered correctly by our experienced hypnotherapists at Let's-Live Coaching.


Let's-Live Relationship Coaching and Life Coaching programs use hypnotherapy sessions to help people unlock and resolve past issues and to change their behavioral patterns.


A Relationship Coach can help you understand your spouse better so that you can resolve conflicts better.

Are you facing issues in your relationships? Don't know what's wrong and you want to get out of the rut? Contact the Relationship Coaching experts at Let's-Live Coaching today! 


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