Training - Hypnosis FAQ's
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Training - Hypnosis FAQ's

Hypnosis F.A.Q

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Hypnosis is an approach to problem-solving, personal development and improvement. It deploys the powerful unconscious mind to help people make amends, develop and hone skills and talents, increase motivation and achieve goals.

The technique involves hypnotic induction and implanting suggestions in the unconscious mind. Eminent psychiatrist Dr Erickson Milton is perhaps the most famed hypnotherapist of all time. A mere "talk" with his clients enabled him to cure them of ill-habits and limiting self-beliefs. Through what seemed as normal conversation, Dr Milton successfully planted constructive suggestions and positive thoughts in his clients' minds and empowered them to change themselves.

It was in fact Dr Milton's hypnosis-approach to problem solving that motivated Richard Bandler and John Grinder to develop the NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) methodology.

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Yes it is. Hypnosis was studied by medical professionals, clinicians and scientists during the 1960s. However, it did lose some of its reputation in the subsequent years when artists and crafty practitioners picked it up for entertainment or fraud.

Its usefulness and efficiency in empowering the unconscious mind to trigger positive changes resulted in hypnotherapy regaining its former reputation. Today it is regarded an important part of psychotherapy and features on several scientific journals from over the world.

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Yes it is. Misconceptions about its safety are largely because of the way hypnotherapy has been portrayed by the media. Unlike what you have heard or seen on TV, no one can hypnotize you without your active participation. Further, seldom or never will you "wake up" from a hypnosis session and not remember the proceedings of the session. The few who do not remember what transpired when they were under hypnosis, gain recollection soon since the forgetfulness is only temporary.

Another thing to remember is that a hypnotherapist can never make you do things that are against your moral code. The unconscious mind is a very powerful organ that is extremely focused during hypnosis and controls your actions effectively.

In fact, in sessions with a professional hypnotherapist practitioner you will be more in control of the session and its proceedings, than the hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is 100 percent safe!

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If you want an effective technique of dealing with problems, that guarantees favorable results – you should consider hypnosis. Under hypnosis, your focus increases powerfully, enabling you to block out external distractions and concentrate on the problem at hand. Further, your responsiveness and suggestibility increase considerably – allowing you to accept and adhere to the hypnotic instructions and suggestions made by the hypnotherapist.

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  • Intensive self-discovery
  • Eliminating negative self-beliefs
  • Reprogramming
Intensive self-discovery and heightened self-awareness due to higher concentrating and better access to the unconscious mind.
Eliminating negative self-beliefs, mental barriers, self-perceived limitations, emotional baggage and other factors to increase productivity and quality of life.
Reprogramming the "inner mind" to respond better to specific situations and occurrences

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Let's-Live Coaching is the pioneer of NLP and hypnosis in the Life Coaching industry of South Africa. We use a combination of hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming to bring about lasting changes in your perceptions, responsiveness and behaviours.

All the courses in hypnosis at Let's-Live Coaching have been designed according to international standards and best practices of the hypnotherapy industry. And, the good news is that our hypnosis courses will help receive all goals – long term, short term, personal, professional, educational and spiritual. We also provide self-hypnosis courses that empower you to trigger your unconscious mind yourself and make the best of it.

When you engage with us, you engage with the best. Contact us, give us a call or speak to us and you'll see why we enjoy a high referral rate of 98 percent or why we are the premium Life Coaching institute in all of South Africa. Why wait to get started on a good thing that can transform your life and make you what you have always wanted to be? Call us today!


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