Teens - Why Mentoring Programs?
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Teens - Why Mentoring Programs?

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The many benefits of mentoring teens are understood when we hear powerful stories of teens whose lives have been transformed with guidance from a caring adult.

Mentoring can help teens address challenges in their academic pursuits as well as their personal lives.

Who is a Mentor?

A Mentor can be described as a guide, tutor, coach, counselor, facilitator and trusted adviser. A Mentor is an individual who is willing to use his or her expertise and time in guiding another person towards self-development.

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Parents have a significant influence on their children. However, even teens who have an excellent relationship with their parents would not necessarily discuss every problem with them. As a result it is important for children to interact with other adults who can offer them guidance. A Mentor can improve self-esteem: When teens see teachers and other community members taking an interest in their future, they are able to make better decisions. This is crucial as teens are otherwise vulnerable to distractions.



A mentor will empower the teen and develop within him or her a strong sense of self esteem. A Mentee can rely on the Mentor in times of crisis: A mentor is a person with significant experience and as such, will be able to lend perspective on the issue at hand. As parents, you will be happy to know that your teen has someone with his or her best interests at heart. A Mentor can guide your teen through a complex task: A mentor is better positioned to guide your teen as he or she can analyze the situation from a neutral point of view. Since the mentor will not be emotionally involved in the conflict, he or she will be able to help your child better in taking rational action.

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A university study has revealed the effectiveness of Mentors.The presence of an adult Mentor improved the chances of a teenaged student attending college by 50 percent.

The potential of a teen can be squashed in a hostile social environment, and effective mentoring programs can help the teen overcome these forces.When a teen does not have an adult Mentor, there is a strong possibility that the teen will lose direction, or get overwhelmed by the pressure to perform.

In the current competitive environment, teens are under a lot of stress while competing in the constant rat race.A mentor can function as a motivating link to a happy and successful future.

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Let's-Life Coaching is positive, action-driven, exciting and motivational. A Life Coach can help teens understand where they are at present and identify their future goals. Life Coaching involves creating a plan which incorporates achievable goals and offering the necessary guidance and support.

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If you have a teenager, and would like to see him or her build a robust foundation for their future, consider giving Let's-Live Coaching a call to seek the services of a professional mentor.

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