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Teens - Why Life Coaching?

Why Life Coaching?


The sole purpose of Life Coaching is to help you identify and achieve personal as well as professional goals.

It is an umbrella term that brings into play, several techniques from complementary disciplines like psychology, sociology, positive adult development and even career counselling.


Counselling, therapy and mentoring may appear similar to the untrained eye.


But they are in fact, very different from Life Coaching not only in the basic approach adopted, but also in the techniques used, and their overall functions. 

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At Let's-Live we are home to expert Life Coaches with certifications in hypnosis, psychological counselling, business-relationship management and other specific spheres of coaching so that your individual needs are met with more effectively.


We are proud to boast of a growing community of people who have found their Zen at Let's-Live Coaching – single parents, executives, entrepreneurs, house-wives, seniors, young-adults, even teenagers.

This brings us to a question we come across often – is there such a thing as Life Coaching for teenagers and young adults? Yes there is and we recommend it highly!


Is Life Coaching appropriate for teens and young adults?

Yes it is. Teenagers and young adults are constantly under pressure to perform better, or achieve more than what they already have.

They need to make major life decisions regarding higher studies, career, love and relationships at a young, inexperienced age and also feel the need to live up to the expectations of elders.


Those who fail at being successful in all spheres, or at least think they failed, end up hurting their self-confidence and feel less worthy of love and appreciation, demotivated and "purposeless".


Some teens and young adults are stuck in a wrong academic course, wrong job, bad relationship or bad company, causing them to doubt their ability to make the right choices or do better.

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With a little guidance from a young-adults or teens coach, decisions that otherwise seem overwhelming can be made with relative ease. And this is precisely why we recommend teens and young adult coaching! 

How can a Life Coach help you? 

Your Let's-Live Life Coach will use proven techniques from applied psychology and modern science to help you reduce stress, achieve a balance and feel more "IN CONTROL" of your life.

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Other benefits you'll receive from our young-adults and teens coaching include -

  • Proficiency in setting and following up on goals – improved productivity in school/college or work, reduced anxiety, stress, shyness and social awkwardness.
  • Better management of time, work and relationships. 
  • Identification and development of dormant strengths, hidden talents, new skills and creativity.
  • Improved health, social abilities and better financial management capabilities.
  • Transformative personal development. This includes improved self-awareness and self-knowledge, renewed self-esteem and a reinforced grasp on your identity.
  • Enhanced lifestyle and a better quality of life.
Your young adult coach will be your friend, confidant and mentor.

He/she will listen to you emphatically, be accountable for the goals you've set for yourself, believe in you and help you believe in yourself.

Let's-Live Coaching was founded with one mission – to empower you and help you realize your full potential and our Coaches do just that.

Your Life Coach from Let's-Live Coaching will assess the current chaos you feel in your life – its immediate triggers, the more deep-rooted causes, solutions and methods of damage control
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He/she will also help in ensuring that these problems do not turn into recurring tendencies. Our certified Life Coaches are dedicated to the cause of helping you achieve more clarity and stability in life. Calls us today to learn identify a mentoring or coaching program that suits your requirements


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