Self-Mastery - Life Coaching Courses FAQ's
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Self-Mastery - Life Coaching Courses FAQ's

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Life Coaches have gained mainstream acceptance at the hands of most world leaders today. Right from sports stars to celebrities, bureaucrats, executives and even presidents of nations use Life Coaches to assist them. Did you know that Anthony Robins coached former President, Nelson Mandela?
The importance of Life Coaches cannot be overstated. If you are still unsure, here are answers to some important Life Coaching courses F.A.Q. Still have a question that is unanswered? Give us a call today and we will only be happy to help.

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According to celebrated Greek philosopher, Aristotle, Self-Discovery is the "beginning of all wisdom". And how true that is! Knowing ourselves is the first thing we must do. Only when we know ourselves, we will be able to watch our own reactions and learn from them.
This is precisely why you must invest in Life Coaching courses. The courses at Let's-Live Coaching have been designed to help you see through any delusions of inadequacy or personal limitations you may have harboured. You will also learn pragmatic ways to overcome the limitations, find and develop your true potential.

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A Life Coaching course from Let's-Live Coaching will truly transform your life. Our Life Coaching approach involves combining the latest that applied psychology has to offer, with principles and techniques from modern science. And, what does this mean for you?

This means you will be able to address personal and professional issues with the help of your Let's-Live Life Coach, set goals for both and reach them. Life Coaching will transform you into a rejuvenated, spirited individual who has mastered the intricacies of discovering obstacles and acting on them to achieve personal as well as professional success. Life Coaching courses are as helpful in saving your marriage as they are in helping you get a raise at work.

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It isn't – the Life Coaching industry is largely Self-Regulated. The good news is that lack of accreditation from regulatory bodies does not affect its usefulness. Thousands of people across the globe will bear testimony to the fact that Life Coaching has changed their lives and for the better!

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Yes, the industry provides certifications to individuals interested in becoming Life Coaches. Accreditation can be sought later to form partnerships.

For example, our Life Coaching certification and training courses train you to become a qualified Life Coach. Once you receive the certification, you can set up a private practice. You can also seek accreditation from industry regulators and enter into partnerships or joint ventures with other Life Coaches.

Certified Life Coaches from Let's-Live Coaching are currently practising in over 16 countries around the world and you too can be one of them!

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Though the Life Coaching industry is self-regulated, many institutes choose to adhere to the principles and standards laid down by global industry leaders. It is a good idea to check for institutions that are affiliated with such organizations.

Further, you cannot go wrong with an institution that has a diverse clientele or enjoys high referral rates. A quick online research will help you narrow down your search to one or two institutions. Check for testimonials and courses offered before making your final choice.

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All courses at Let's-Live Coaching are aligned with the coaching principles and guidelines established by approved industry associations like

  • COMENSA- The Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • ICR - International Coaching Register
  • ITA - International Trainers Academy of NLP
  • GSAC - Global Standards of NLP Accreditations and Certifications

Our trustworthiness is also reflected in the high referral rate we enjoy, which is 98 percent! We have a diverse clientèle ranging from start-ups to blue-chip brands and the white collar executives. We have helped numerous Presidents, CEOs and corporate professionals find direction, a sense of purpose, peace and inner fulfilment through our Life Coaching courses.


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If you are sure about the area of your life that needs improvement – marriage, relationship, business, choose a course that addresses those needs. We maintain a comprehensive list of all courses offered to facilitate decision making.

In the case of a doubt, feel free to contact us. Our Life Coaches love to talk and they will be able to help you understand your needs and select an apt Life Coaching course thereby. Certain courses like Self-Development and Personal Development are all-encompassing courses that will help you across all walks of life.

Contact us to know more from the most trusted Life Coaches of SA. Begin your journey towards gaining all wisdom with a Let's-Live Life Coaching Course. Give us a call today!


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