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Teens Sports Coaching

Teens Sports Coaching


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Sports in South Africa is more than just a form of recreation.


It is a cultural phenomena, a powerful force that binds the society together.


Sports in South Africa is a declaration of joy, celebrations and grandeur.


Let's-Live Coaching is your one stop destination to excel in this grand cultural phenomena. 

 The Sports Coaching courses from Let's-Live Coaching have been designed to help you participate in sports-events with the right attitude, a positive spirit and using your full potential.


Considering that the widespread mainstream acceptance sports has gained in schools, colleges, formal educational institutions, workplaces and the community at large, investing in a professional Sports Coach is a good idea these days. 


The Sports Coaching trainers at Let's-Live Coaching work hard to ensure your investment yields tangible results – health benefits and personal-development in addition to improved self-esteem that comes from excelling at this powerful cultural binding force.


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At Let's-Live Coaching you will find a trained Sport Coach for teens and young adults who is passionate about teaching you the tricks and techniques of excelling at sports as well as comprehending and using the life-lessons that come your way on the sports-field.


The benefits of Sports Coaching for teens and young adults

Sports pack in some very broad-range benefits for teens and young adults.


However, participating in sporting events with the right attitude and the right spirit helps your tap your inner potential.


This is where your Let's-Live Coaching Sport Coach for teens and young adults comes in.




Physical benefits: Sports offer all the benefits of physical activity, especially for young adults. A UN report from the Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace establishes that physical activity contributes to the development of stronger bones and more efficient lung and heart functions, in young people.

Mental benefits: It helps build self-esteem and not just the feeling of self-worth that comes after a good performance, but also the esteem that comes from a positive body image, physical self-worth and self-perception. Physical activity helps maintain quality of life and independence

Psychological benefits:The UN report also revealed that physical activity helps build improved cognitive function and motor skills in young people. Further, studies show that sports and other forms of physical activity have a therapeutic role to play in several psychological conditions like depression. 



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Life - lessons that will help you throughout your life: 

Sports also teaches team-spirit, bonding, trusting, leadership, stress management and community participation.


Sports helps foster a sense of belonging and also serves the immediate needs of fun and gratification. 




Sports Coaching Programs at Let's-Live Coaching


To ensure you get the best of all physical, mental and psychological benefits sports entail, we provide individual as well as group Sports Coaching sessions for teens and young adults.

In a one-to-one session, your Sport Coach will help you master the techniques to excel in sport and share his/her own experiences with you.


You will also learn effective methods of managing uncomfortable circumstances on the field, being a modest winner and a good loser and applying the lessons learned on the field, and in other aspects of your day-to-day life.


Group sessions will help you interact with other individuals and benefit from their experiences as well. 




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The professional Sports Coaches at Let's-Live Coaching use a combination of Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching to ensure your sports training is comprehensive.


Hypnosis and NLP techniques are focused at re-building and re-writing your neuron net, so that you gain possession of a winner's mind.


Your Sport Coach will teach you how to use the power of your mind to picture yourself a winner and then become one.

We take pride in being the coaches of many of SA's sports stars. We have helped them compete and win internationally and are looking forward to enable you to do the same.


Give us a call today to learn more! 




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